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Spark Hub is an innovative Biz/Tech center that is committed to building a community of problem solvers, using technology as a catalyst. Our aspiration is to be a pioneer for change in thought leadership, and digital literacy across the vast spheres of human interaction. We hope to inspire, incubate, accelerate, mentor and polish young gems into greatness, by uplifting life through knowledge sharing and application. Our core focus is in preparing both old and young to be suited as contributors of value in the fourth Industrial revolution.
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innovation for Ideal COMMUNITIES.

Spark Hub's Technopreneur Fellowship series is usually a free 6-week intensive hands on training /incubation program in Aba and selected locations to help young people learn and equip themselves with exceptional Workplace and Business skills. Many young people lack basic ICT skills and this is a barrier to accessing greater opportunities and far better development solutions with recourse to technology and entrepreneurship - Technopreneurship. We are bridging the gap/challenge of unemployable youths in our society and also creating an opportunity for them to become self-reliant in many productive ways.

Some will start functional businesses during the incubation period and some will be certified as finished go-to-market products, ready to be assimilated into different conglomerates. This is the huge gap we intend to fill. For some of them who already own brands and businesses, we equip them to launch better, engage with their target market better and become success stories in a short while. There are obvious travel opportunities which Entrepreneurship platforms, conferences and business contests will offer many of them. 

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