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Advocacy for Industrial Revolution

Africa needs Industrial Revolution for Economic growth. Reduced Inequality. Innovation & Infrastructure

Child of Industry is an advocacy for the long lost industrial revolution. A perspective a Nigerian child who is in utmost connection to himself and to his environment of what true industrialization should be and a journey towards actualizing it.
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THE Hoarse Challenge

The root of the problems of unemployment and poverty are hardly addressed. Most times we spend a lot of resources, host conferences and seminars addressing the symptoms of the problem but only few set out to tackle the root of the problem.
These children that we bring into the world and celebrate their births, what economic plans do we have for their generation? They outnumber us - how much more poverty will they suffer? Will they continue our practice of never manufacturing or industrializing anything from the scratch but enrich other countries through importation of everything and engaging in economic activities alone without any economic creativity to serve the world?
Will they keep fighting for relevance, talking here and there? Will they go ahead priding in using the best cars which are manufactured in other countries? Will they understand that we may say "made in Nigeria" but there hardly is anything made in Nigeria from the scratch.
We often assemble products but we hardly make from the scratch. The leather with which we make our shoes is imported. The soles are imported. The gum is imported. The textile with which we make clothes, the thread, the machines, the needles, all are imported. But here, with our little population, we grapple with unemployment. What about our next generation that will add a huge percentage to our population, will they be allowed to suffer this lack of sense of process? Will they be jobless because our industries are reduced to common denominators?

Advocacy for industrial Revolution Begins

The difference between the hard times of now and our good old days is that our fathers focused more on manufacturing through the processing of our raw materials and not just importing finished products from other countries. The day our economy started to crash is the day we stopped processing raw materials to value added finished products. That was when our weak economic policies regulated and strangulated our industries thereby rendering many human and environmental resources redundant. We need those industries back.

Don't think, Just do!

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to advance a meaningful solution is to start one.


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