#PABA Webinars



The Opportunity, The future

On 26th February 2021, Pan-African Spark will host Derilnx CEO – Pierre Baviera. Owing to their ongoing projects with World Bank and Government of Ireland, will help in and upcoming projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are opportunities and information which will detail the impact of shared and open Data to the Development of smart cities and aid in proper metropolitan planning of different geographies. This Webinar will focus on Open Data; The Opportunity, The Future.

Are You ready?

Pierre will offer insights on how shared and Open data delivers tangible practical benefits to society at large (public service, citizens and private sector) and how to make it work.
Digitisation of our societies is accelerating. The COVID 19 Pandemic has been a real catalyst to this phenomenon.
With digitisation comes an extra-ordinary explosion of data being created in every aspect of our lives.
Significant portions of this data can be opened and shared. Of course, this plays an important role for openness and transparency. That also creates incredible opportunities both to better allocate resources for public services, improve public service delivery overall, design new innovative product/services together with helping to bring public servants, citizens and entrepreneurs to innovate collaboratively.
Pierre will share both examples of success stories linked to data sharing across governments, local authorities, smart cities and development organisations focusing on the practical benefits that were delivered. He will also share his views and tips on how to make data sharing/open data work.